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From Terry:
“I would most definitely recommend this weight loss program to anyone who needs to lose weight. This weight loss program really works. I have tried everything to lose weight but nothing has worked for me. If you are really ready for a change and ready to lose weight, do this weight loss program. You will finally get to lose all that unwanted weight by doing this program. I only wished I could have found this weight loss program sooner to save a lot of money and heartache. I’ve wasted a lot of money doing all kinds of weight loss products and diet pills that don’t work. It’s true if you know what your specific metabolic body type is and what exercises are needed for your specific metabolic body type and also what foods affect your body type. You can finally start losing all that unwanted weight. You will become a healthy and happy person by finally losing all that unwanted weight. You will lose the weight and more; your health is more important.” – T.A.

From Sandra:
“Inspyre Health has really lived up to its name. The staff here has inspired me to take control of my health. I get compliments daily about my weight loss. I feel better mentally and physically. Thank you Inspyre Health. You were God sent.”  – S.J.A.


From Michael:
“After more than ten years of trying various weight loss plans, diets and exercise programs that did not even come close to producing the desired end result, my wife and I saw your add in the newspaper for a free seminar. To be honest I was skeptical as nothing had worked in the past but being the optimist that I am we decided to attend. I cannot thank you enough as I agreed with everything. I had never heard it explained in terms that made sense.

I have been able to lose all the weight and take control of my life again. I feel much younger and have more energy than I thought possible. I never knew what that extra forty-five pounds plus was doing to me. My blood pressure and cholesterol have all been drastically reduced and there is a new me. When I now look in the mirror I recognize the person as the one I want to be. Thank you.”  – M.K.


From Danielle:
“I started the program at Inspyre Health about two and a half months ago. Since I started I have lost about 25 pounds and I feel so much better. Everyone has been very encouraging and helpful.”  – D.C.


From Sally:
“Finally, I found a weight loss/health improvement program that really works! In just four months I lost 30 lbs. with the help of people who understand how the body works — exercise at the gym alone didn’t work nor did any of the popular diets for very long. With Inspyre I learned how to keep my weight in my desired range, previous health issues improved, and I feel that I am now on a plan for all round better health! This group of people supported me every step of the way. They understand how important good nutrition really is, and when people now ask, “How did you do it?” I readily share my enthusiasium about Inspyre and suggest that they make that appointment that can change their life also!”  – S.K.