Natural, Alternative and Functional Medicine QuestionsDoes the Natural Medicine Clinic take insurance?
The Natural Medicine Clinic evaluates each case individually regarding insurance.  Although many insurance company policies do not cover the care that is offered in our clinic, there are some cases wherein it is covered and we are able to make specific arrangements to await payment from the insurance carrier.

Services for Nutritional Integrative and/or Functional Medicine care, are not services that are typically covered by insurance, and we therefore do not routinely submit to insurance companies for these services.  However, there are exceptions, and we will evaluate each case on an individual basis.  Typically, these are fee for service visits and must be paid for at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been made.  If you have a health care expense account or other similar health care account program, we may be able to assist you with the appropriate documents for your reimbursement, or in some cases, for a direct payment from your expense account to your account in our office.

Will the Natural Medicine Clinic recommend laboratory testing?
“Sometimes we do recommend testing, depending upon your case.  We typically use LabCorp for traditional testing, and may be able to have this billed to your insurance, if you desire.  We also utilize other lab testing companies for particular types of testing.  Should these need to be ordered, we will review with you the specific requirements for the given laboratory.

Will the Natural Medicine Clinic recommend Nutritional Supplements and why should we purchase them from your office?
Yes.  This will be dependent upon your specific and individualized needs, based upon the results and findings of the documents for your case.  We have and continue to research and obtain only the highest quality nutritional supplements available.  Furthermore, we will have researched and identified those specific items that will be most suitable for your care, recovery and improvement.

We at the Natural Medicine Clinic are dedicated to making your journey towards health an enjoyable, empowering experience.  We encourage you to ask questions!