Health Response Testing

Health Response TestingWhat is Health Response TestingTM?
The Natural Medicine Clinic utilizes an advanced analytical testing procedure known as Health Response Testing to communicate with your body.  This Health Response Testing utilizes a meridian digital imaging system that employs a very specialized, scientific and computerized device.  We use it to determine, assess and document the vital energy that traverses the acupuncture meridians in your body.

What are Acupuncture Meridians?
Acupuncture or Acupoint meridians are invisible vital energy pathways in your body that have been used therapeutically for over 5000 years.  These meridians conduct life-force energy, called by different names in various cultures, such as Qi, chi or ch’i in traditional Chinese culture, prana and cit in Hindu religion, mana in Hawaiian culture, lung in Tibetan Buddhism, pneuma in Greek culture, ruah in Hebrew culture, vital force in Homeopathy, and vital energy in Western philosophy.  This conduction of energy takes place in and around all parts of your body.  Blockage or interference in these meridian pathways can result in energetic imbalances that may contribute to negative health conditions.  The primary goal of our health response testing and acupoint treatment is to restore energetic balance and proper energy flow to these meridians which will then allow your body to function normally and to return to health naturally.

Why Did My Healthcare Practitioner Choose Health Response Testing?
The meridian digital imaging system used in Health Response Testing is the premiere measurement tool of its type on the market today. It provides a fast and an efficient exam, intelligent analysis, the most advanced treatment options, and allows us as your healthcare practitioners to easily track your progress.  Your healthcare practitioner uses a meridian digital imaging system as an integrative approach to your healthcare.  It is the natural choice for healthcare providers who are committed to high-quality care and outstanding results. We insist on providing the highest quality care, and this is the most important reason that we have chosen this system.

How is the Meridian Digital Imaging Procedure Performed and What Occurs?
As your healthcare practitioner, we will use this system in a brief examination by touching a moistened probe to specific acupuncture points that are located on your hands and feet.  The data that is generated from this physical examination procedure is then stored in the computer and processed through specific, elaborate and complex algorithms, which ultimately generate a comprehensive picture and set of conclusions that the healthcare practitioner will be able to employ in his or her decision-making as to the most appropriate measures to undertake.

What is the Significance of Health Response Testing?
As earlier stated, our analysis is done through digital imaging of the Acupuncture Meridians and Acupuncture Points.  By testing these points, we have a system to determine exactly what imbalances you have and what your body requires to correct these imbalances.  We monitor your body at each visit in order to identify what the body requires and how well we are meeting that need.  This system has proven to be extremely accurate clinically and allows us to predict with certainty, what is required by your body to re-establish the bio-energetic balance to get you to the next phase of improved health. 

How Can Health Response Testing Help Me?
Our system allows us as your healthcare practitioners to measure and analyze the energy balance of each acupuncture meridian.  This clinical procedure, with other clinical data, will assist us in determining disease conditions before they become grossly manifest, allowing us to address them while they are more manageable in the early disease process.  Empowered with this and other clinical data, we can make better-informed decisions about your health status, and as a result, provide you with the best treatment protocols possible to improve your overall health.